Luxury Bamboo Bed Linen

Be good to yourself and the planet - sleep with Eco-friendly Bamboo Sheets!

375TC Luxury Bamboo Bed Linen

 Experience a luxurious nights sleep in the silky smooth and super soft texture of 100% organic bamboo fibre. 

Thermal Regulating Year round comfort - Bamboo fibre is thermal regulating, which means these sheets will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer as they adjust to your body temperature. This special quality also allows for better air circulation under the sheets and sleep at a more even temperature.

Anti-bacterial Perfect for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Organic bamboo sheets are capable of killing and inhibiting  99% of common bacteria that grow in our beds as we sleep. Bamboo sheets will also repel dust and bed mites.

Extra Absorbent The natural wicking abilities of organic bamboo fibre mean sweat and moisture from the body is absorbed through the sheets and evaporated into the air, resulting in a more comfortable nights sleep. Organic bamboo sheets are 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton and sheets of other fabrics. Bamboo sheets stay fresher longer by combating sweating and odours.

Environmentally Friendly Our 100% organic bamboo sheets are made from a fibre of the most sustainable, renewable plant on the planet. Pesticide and fertiliser FREE, bamboo the worlds fastest growing grass generates several more amounts of oxygen per square metre then most plants and requires only rainwater to grow.

You are helping our planet by choosing this organically grown Eco friendly product.

Care: Please use an Eco Friendly washing powder or liquid as they do not contain optical brightens or bleaches which are chemical and will have an adverse effect on your Eco friendly, organic purchase.

Please do not use fabric softener.

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